Dear Guests,

Welcome to Villa Oliva.

We are delighted you have chosen our Villa for your vacation.

In order to ensure a pleasant stay to you and prevent any misunderstandings from arising, we ask you to observe the following house rules:

Guests checking in are aware of and agree to the house rules and the terms and conditions herein. Failure to observe the house rules may result in a cancelled reservation and application of full charges for the booking, regardless of the requirement to vacate the accommodation prematurely.

  1. At check-in, guests are required to present a valid ID card or passport for the purpose of registration with the Tourist Office.
  2. Bed linen is included in the price and is changed every 7 days. The host is not obliged to clean the apartment. During your stay at the apartment, you are required to keep it clean and tidy. During the summer months, you are kindly asked to take the trash out every day. Smoking is not allowed in the apartment.
  3. The host may not enter the rented apartment unannounced and without permission, and may not touch or use the guests’ personal belongings. In case the guests are absent, the host may enter the apartment only if there are justified reasons to believe the facility or guests’ belongings may be in danger, or in case there are justified reasons to believe that the house rules are not being observed.
  4. Loud noise is not allowed, especially during the night’s resting hours from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM. Apart from the request that adults behave properly, we kindly ask you to pay attention to the behavior of children at play.
  5. Please make sure you take proper care of the rented apartment and switch off electric appliances and turn off the taps. You are particularly asked not to leave the A/C unit running while you are not in or to have it operating with the windows and doors open. When you are leaving the apartment, please shut all the doors and close the windows to prevent damage brought on by thunderstorms or draft.
  6. Persons other than guests are not allowed to stay overnight or spend an entire day at the Villa, and they are not allowed to use the amenities without express permission by the host. Should persons not indicated in the booking or persons not announced at booking be found, the host or the agency is entitled to cancel the accommodation to all the guests. If you plan to be away for more than 2 days, please inform the host about your absence.
  7. Guests incurring intentional or accidental damage will be held liable for the full amount of damages payable to the host. Please observe responsible use of the amenities at hand and behave sensibly. On the day of departure, the guests are required to invite the host and inspect all the rooms and appliances together to ensure no damage has been made. Guests are not to leave the accommodation before this joint inspection.
  8. You are kindly asked to vacate the accommodation by 09:00 AM on the day of departure to allow it to be cleaned and available to other guests who are entitled to commence their stay at 02:00 PM. If guests do not vacate the apartment until 09:00 AM, they shall be charged full daily rate without the possibility to continue their stay at the apartment. Keys must be returned once the stay has finished.
  9. Guests not adhering to the house rules and disturbing the peace shall have their accommodation cancelled unconditionally. Should accommodation be cancelled by the host or the agency for reasons of non-observance of the house rules, the guests shall be charged full amount for the booked period, regardless of the premature departure. If you decide to leave earlier, you are liable to pay the total amount for the booking. The rate for the use of rooms and apartments is payable within the first two days of use.
  10. Please make sure to clean the barbecue after using it, so that other guests may use it as well. The guests need to provide the charcoal themselves. Please follow standard safety precautions when using the barbecue to prevent fire.
  11. Please take proper care of the rented apartment and use the outdoor and indoor furniture and equipment with due diligence. It is not allowed to move furniture between rooms and take indoor equipment to another apartment, outside or to the beach (chairs from the kitchen, kitchen utensils and dishes to another apartment, towels or blankets from the apartment to the beach, poolside sun loungers or deckchairs to the beach, etc.).
  12. Please collapse the parasols after use and in case of wind. Any incurred damage must be compensated.
  13. Pool rules:

- Swimmers are required to shower before entering the pool

The following is not allowed:

-Entering the pool while wearing footwear

-Taking air mattresses, flippers, swimming floats, toys, etc. into the pool

-Running, jumping into the water, diving and doing other potentially damaging activities

-Use of the pool by unsupervised non-swimmers

-Entering the pool while afflicted by an infectious disease

-Making damage to the pool area and equipment

Please take heed of the illustrated instructions about proper behavior at the pool.

Any complaints are considered only if filed during stay. Subsequent complaints shall not be acknowledged.